The Mochiri universe

Mochiri, French iced mochi manufacturer was born thanks to two passionate of Japanese cuisine, Julien & Jonathan. Both bringing together their entrepreneurial qualities and their experiences in Asian culture. They founded in 2017, Mochiri, the first French manufacturing plant dedicated to iced mochi and quickly became recognized manufacturers of iced mochi.

One project

In 2015, we are training to become an ice cream maker with a great chef from Vaucluse.

In 2016, we are going to Asia to perfect our skills in traditional Asian pastry.

To achieve this, respect for taste and quality have remained a priority through the rigorous selection of ingredients and the recruitment of qualified pastry chefs.

Combined with industrial expertise, Mochiri has succeeded in making iced mochi while respecting the tradition of silky rice paste and French ice cream know-how.

Our office

Mochiri, French manufacturer of iced mochi is a recognized player in the market of high-end iced mochis in France and abroad.

Mochiri is a production plant of 1000 m² located in the south of France, with the latest machines for the elaboration of its 12 flavors of iced mochis.


Our rice dough is made with a mixture of several carefully selected rice flours, in order to obtain a perfect balance and a silky dough.

All our ice creams are created in our laboratory by a master ice cream maker. These 12 flavors are guaranteed without artificial coloring, gluten-free and 100% artisanal. These simple ingredients are carefully selected to preserve the intensity of taste.